Student Council Sponsor - Glenda Gattis

     The Student Council is the governing body of our school.  Its members must exemplify qualities representative of the school and staff.  Two students are elected or selected to represent their homeroom, based on their academics and excellent behavior.

     The members of the council wear many different hats during the school year. They are responsible for welcoming our new students by giving them a tour of the campus and introducing them to the administration and the staff members.  They are also responsible for developing new ideas to help the school and serve as tutors in classrooms.

     The Student Council also sponsors charitable organizations such as "Pennies for Patients" to help St. Jude Hospital, "March of Dimes" which helps premature babies, the LAMA Food Drive, and "Toys For Tots".  We purchase materials for the students and the sponsor other school activities.

     Being a Student Council member is a privilege, as well as an honor, given to the students by their teacher and peer, to represent the entire body of Vernon Middle School.