PRINCIPAL: Mr. Henry Lacking


Welcome Panther Partners ( Students, Parents, and Staff)!

We are beginning a new adventure stocked full of high expectations, challenging and appropriate academics, enriching activities, and exciting experiences.  We hope that all will put forth their best effort and a cooperative spirit to assure success and a very a good year! Thank you parent/guardians for going beyond the call of duty to help us put OUR children/students first - "the" priority.

For an awesome and "as stress-free as possible " year, please adhere to the following:

1. School begins at 7:50. Students are tardy after 7:50 and must signed in at the 5th Grade Office for an Admit (Time Recovery will be assigned after three unexcused tardies).
2. Drop - Off and Pick - Up is located at the end of the 6th grade building - drive around back of the school to get there and school employees will be there to receive and direct your child.
3. To get an excused absence, a note from home or doctor is needed.
4. When you plan to visit or pick up your child during school hours, please bring a picture I.D.
5. Send a signed and dated note for after-school bus changes to the teacher if your child is to ride a different bus home or to go to a different location      the office will issue a permit for the change.
6. SEND MONEY FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH  if your child is to eat in the cafeteria. When paying on your child's lunch account, be sure your
    child's first and last name, amount enclosed, account number, and room number are written on the envelope. You can also pay    on-line.
7. Follow the uniform, school, bus, and conduct policies.
8. Check your child's agenda/planner daily for information from the teacher as well as assignments.You may send notes to the teacher in the agenda/
    planner, also. Please contact us if you have any questions of concerns.
9. We welcome volunteers! Please watch for our upcoming events in the monthly newsletters that are given to each student on the last school day
    of the month.

We are very excited about this school year! The administrators, teachers, teacher aides/paraprofessionals, and support staff of Vernon Middle School
have high expectations and will provide effective instruction, endorse and support enriching activities and experiences, and promote appropriate conduct! Let's (students, parents, and staff) get started! Again, WELCOME!!!!