My name is Shirlee Sturm

As the  Vernon Middle School's school counselor, I am here to assist students, parents, and teachers. Please contact me at 337.239.9688 for questions and concerns.

VMS Agenda

Each student is given a spiral school agenda.  This calendar contains lots of information about our school.  We encourage students to use their agenda to write daily homework assignments and record test dates which helps them to be better prepared for class.  It is also a great source for parents and teachers to communicate.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We encourage communication between parent and teachers. Parents/Guardians may meet with their student's during regularly scheduled conference dates or schedule a meeting during your child's teacher's planning time. Please contact a member of the administration if you desire a conference with one of our teachers.

SBLC Meetings

School Building Level Committee (SBLC) meetings are convened with teachers, parents, counselor, administrator, and students to assess student's progress and/or needs or concerns.  If your child is having difficulties in school, behavior or academic, please contact the classroom teacher.  If difficulties continue, you are welcome to contact me to schedule a SBLC meeting.  We can work to find appropriate solutions to most problems by working together. .

Special Education/504

If your child has an evaluation or special education plan, please contact me so we can provide services to help meet your child's special needs.  IEP/504 meetings are convened at least annually to review and/or rewrite the plans with goals, objectives, and accommodations.

School Attendance

School attendance is very important.  Please contact us if there are extenuating circumstances that will require that your child miss school.  Vernon Parish's attendance policy is that no student should accumulate more than 5 days of unexcused or temporary excused absences in a semester. These students will receive a non-attendance "F" on their progress report or report card until they attend Saturday school for makeup.

Grading Policy (Vernon Middle School/Vernon Parish)

To be promoted, students must make a passing grade average in Language Arts, Math, and in at least one other major subject (science or social studies).  To receive a passing grade, students must earn a minimum or six (6) quality points per year with at least three (3) quality points earned in the second semester. 

You can access  your child's grades on the Parents Communication Center at the Vernon Parish Web site. 

Grade % Equivalent Definition Quality Points

  A 93-100   Excellent               4              

  B 85-92     Above Average     3

  C 75-84     Average                 2

  D 67-74     Below Average     1

  F Below 67 Unsatisfactory   0