School Schedule
School begins at 7:50 a.m.  Students who arrive after 8:00 are marked tardy.  Students are dismissed beginning at 3:00 p.m.
School Attendance/Early Check-Out Policy
  • Students are required to attend school a minimum of 160 days a year to be promoted to the next grade level, according to Louisiana law.
  • Students may not be checked out after 2:45 p.m.
  • In order for your child to make up any missed work, they must have a written excuse stating the reason they were checked out early.
Lunch And Breakfast

2016- 2017 

Breakfast: $1.50
Lunch - $3.10

Breakfast : $2.40

Student Meals 
Breakfast - Full Price : $1.00
                     Reduced Price: .30
Lunch -       Full Price: $2.00
                    Reduced Price .40

Extras: Milk/Juice - .50
Students approved for free or reduced price lunch are approved for free or reduced price breakfast, also. 

Grading Scale
  • 90% - 100% = A
  • 80% - 89% = B
  • 70% - 79% = C
  • 60% - 69% = D
  • 0% - 59% = F
School Uniform Information

The school uniform policy and dress code will require the following colors and styles:

  • Khaki bottoms: pants, jumpers, dresses, shorts, culottes, etc.
  • White or black tops, shirts, blouses, sweaters, etc.
  • If pants or shorts, etc. have belt loops, a black or brown belt must be worn.
  • Socks must be white, black or khaki.
  • No designer labels are to be worn on the clothing.
  • No t-shirts will be worn except school spirit shirts.  These shirts are only to be worn on Fridays or other days designated by the Principal.  Khaki bottoms are to be worn with the spirit shirts.
  • Shoe styles are optional.  Backless sandals and shoes that have a heel higher than 1 inch are not permitted.

Special Notes:

  • Shirts/blouses, t-shirts, and jerseys should be sized appropriately, buttoned, and tucked in at the waist.
  • Pants/trousers must be sized appropriately, must be of regular ankle length, and have a cuff or hem.
  • No excessively tight or loose pants/trousers are permitted.
  • Cargo pants are not permitted.
  • All clothing must be hemmed.  Length will be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts should be no longer than hip length.
  • Shorts may be worn, but will be no more than 3 inches above the knee when standing, and must be worn at the waist, and hemmed.
  • Hats/caps of any kind are not allowed at school.
  • Jewelry: Male students may not wear earrings.
  • Sunglasses other than prescription are not permitted.

Students entering school will be allowed a 2 week period to purchase clothing in compliance with the school uniform policy.