Positive Behavior Intervention Services

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Behavioral Expectations

Positive Attitude






Learning Earnings

Teachers have the option to award students with either printed LE Bucks or send students electronic "E‐Bucks" through the site. Each LE Buck has a unique code that is entered by the student on the site to credit his or her account. Students redeem rewards at any time on the site. Rewards are set at a range of values so that students have access to small rewards or may save up for more valuable ones. Learning Earnings actively manages the rewards and relies on students' suggestions to identify rewards that will continue to motivate and thus equate to higher achievement. Rewards are passed out each Thursday.

Let's Have Some Fun In The Game Room!!!

Students that receive NO marks within the designated two week period will get to spend 30 minutes in the game room.

Students can play:

  • Wii
  • Pool
  • Air Hockey
  • Foos Ball
  • Board games
  • Computer games