Positive Behavior Intervention and Support


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Behavioral Expectations

Positive Attitude





Correction Procedures for minor Infractions

All students are expected to follow these expectations. A conduct grade will be given each six weeks based upon these expectations and the following plan and consequences:

1st Conduct Mark - Warning (98 A)

2nd Conduct Mark - Parent Contact (93 A)

3rd Conduct Mark - First Minor Infraction From/Loss of Recess (92 B)

4th Conduct Mark - Alternate Assignment - Essay (85 B)

5th Conduct Mark - Second Minor Infraction From/Loss of Exploratory (84 C)

6th Conduct Mark - Conference with Administration/Work Detail (75 C)

7th Conduct Mark - After-School Detention - 1 day (74 D)

8th Conduct Mark - After-School Detention - 2 days (67 D)

9th Conduct Mark 0 Office Referral (66 F)

Major behaviors will be handled by the administration, who will follow the Vernon Parish Discipline Policy to determine the consequences.

Positive Reinforcements

  • W.A.S. (Wear Another Shirt) Pass - earned at progress report time and report card time for having two or less conduct marks in that three-week time period and no official office or bus referrals
  • Bi-Weekly Game Room time - no conduct marks within that two week time period
  • Six Weeks Prizes - A in conduct for the Six Weeks and no official office or bus referrals
  • Semester Celebrations - A in Conduct for the Semester and no official office or bus referrals


Six Weeks Prizes

  • Gum
  • Extra Recess
  • Sonic Certificate
  • Paint a Ceiling Tile
  • Movie and popcorn
  • Sonic Certificate


Semester Prizes

  • Exhibition Basketball Game
  • Fine Dining in the Cafeteria

Game Room!!!

Students that receive NO marks within the designated two week period will get to spend 30 minutes in the game room.

Students can play:

  • Wii
  • Pool
  • Air Hockey
  • Foos Ball
  • Board games
  • Computer games